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New website is up and running!

Learn a little more about who is behind

Newly refreshed website is up and looking good.  Thanks to all the feedback received in helping shape the new website layout.  Be sure to check out the template store and learn about who is behind and the fun hobbies I enjoy.

Mountain Bike Riding

Yes there are hills in Kansas!  Kansas City has a fabulous technical mountain bike trail system that is a one hundred percent volunteer effort lead by UrbanTrailCo.  The trails make for some great challenges and require a full body workout.  Check out my custom built 27.5 Yeti SB5C LR TURQ that soaks up technical trails with ease.

Essential Seasons Sessions

My love for house music started in the early 1990’s walking through Streetside Records in Westport and hearing this electronic beat that instantly peaked my curiosity.  The song was so simple and I did not understand why I like it as I was in Youth Orchestra at the time and all music in my world had more than four sounds.  After asking what type of music was playing I was told: “house music bro from Chicago, speaks to some people…others not so much!”

Nothing better than sitting down and thumbing through tracks to put together to tell an instrumental story.  If you are a fan of deep house with a tribal flare be sure to check out my monthly mixes.

Chris Essentials Seasons Sessions
Chris Essentials Seasons Sessions

Acura TSX Project Car

Having owned an Acura Integra in High School my love for Japanese Imports has never really waned during my adult life.  I have owned several other foreign and domestic cars but always liked the Japanese simplicity of a small manual transmission sedan.  One day I read that many other GEN Xers have the same love affair as I do and are starting to buy up any old school hidden gems out there.  People are paying up to 50K or more for Japanese Imports that were hot at the turn of the century.  Figured if I was going to do a project car with a manual transmissions it was now or never!  Hence, I drove home a 2008 Acura TSX 6-Speed from Detroit in May of 2019 and have been wrenching ever since.

This car is an absolute blast to drive!  Quiet when you want.  Loud when you want.  Likes to eat similar sized domestics while getting 30+ mpg doing it.  Check out the year long mini rebuild here.

2008 Acura TSX 6-Speed

Learn about solutions found in the template store to make your life a little easier.

Resume Templates

I highly recommend keeping your new resume simple in format that is easy for Human Resource personnel to skim through.  Your resume needs to include an objective or outline section at the top of the resume for computer bots to read.  Think of the computer bots as gatekeepers searching for keywords.  Read a great article on about bots found here.  When keywords are found that match the applied to job description, the bot then sends your resume on to Human Resources personnel.

Chris Essentials Resume Templates: Resume Templates Resume Templates

Business Plan Template

This business plan takes all the guess work out of business plan creation with its easily customizable plug and play features. No need to be a professional or have business plan knowledge. This is a tried and true template that has been used to fund many successful business ventures leaving lasting legacies for decades to come. Model what works. It is easy, effortless and efficient.

Chris Essentials Business Plan:

ChrisEssentials Business Plan
Essentials Business Plan

Custom Ready Made WordPress Websites

Regardless of the social media platform you use, websites are still vitally important.  Think of your website as your home location on the internet to send others to regardless of restriction or location.  Send your potential customers here to gather information that will help them find the solutions they are seeking.  Win-Win for both parties!

Chris Essentials WordPress Websites:

ChrisEssentials Create Your Own Ready Made Business Website
ChrisEssentials Create Your Own Ready Made Business Website

Check back often as many more WordPress Websites will be added along with Essentials Seasons Sessions House Mixes.

Wishing you all the best!


Chris Catalano

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