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How Chris Essentials Deep House Mixes Started.

My love for house music started in the early 1990’s walking through Streetside Records in Westport and hearing this electronic beat that instantly peaked my curiosity. The song was so simple, yet I did not understand why I liked it. I was in Youth Orchestra at the time and all music in my world had more than four sounds. After asking what type of music was being played I was told: “house music bro from Chicago, speaks to some people…others not so much!”

Nothing better than sitting down and thumbing through tracks to put together to tell an instrumental story.  If you are a fan of Deep House with a Nu Disco – Tribal Flare be sure to check out my monthly mixes.

Chris Essentials

Essential Seasons Sessions May 2020 – Waiting on Summer


Been a long spring for many of us across the globe. The dreary days of false spring are still hanging around. This mix is up and down just like the warm sunny days followed by the cold dreary days in KC.

Music always finds a way to lift you through.

Chris Essentials

Craig Smith & Peacey – This World
Roberto Rodriguez – Better Than Me (Original Mix)
Dave Anthony feat.Eman – Tree Of Life (Atjazz Remix)
Atjazz & Jullian Gomes – Here To Stay (feat. Zano) (Official Music Video) Deep House
Deeplomatic – Deep Drop
Mercyless (feat. Wayne Tennant) [Fred & OD Remix]
Bevan Godden & Arnaud D – Ntobenthle (Manoo Remix)
ST GERMAIN – Sittin’ Here (Atjazz Remix)
Soultourist – Turn Loose
Frederick – Take My Hand (6th Borough Project Remix)
Round Two – New Day (feat. Andy Caine) (Vocal Mix)
Francis Overcast, Kenny Dope – I Ain’t (Kenny Dope Remix)
Rockers Hi-Fi – Push Push (Original Version)
Fox Tooth (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub)
Vanessa Evelyn – Sister Sister (Manny & Konrad’s Dub)
Ian Pooley -In the Night

Essential Seasons Sessions June 2020 – Sunny Solstice


Just like a flip of a switch, Summer has arrived! The warm sunny mornings and evenings brings an upbeat tone to things.

Chris Essentials

Paso Doble – Djadjalo(feat. IDD Aziz) (Fred Everything Reprise)
Paso Doble – Djadjalo (feat.IDD Aziz) (Fred Everything Lazy Dub)
Ame – Hydrolic Dog
Atjazz – Track One
Syncbeat – Music (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
Palms Trax – Honey Lemongina
Charlie – Spacer Woman (Original Mix)
The Rah Band – Messages From The Stars
The Mauskovic Dance Band – Space Drum Machine (Detroit Swindle’s Flute Mix)
Jimpster – One (feat. Casamena) (Waajeed’s One Nation Remix)
Waajeed – Let Your Love(feat Ideeyah, DeSean Jones and Khristian Foreman)
Thievery Corporation – The Heart’s A Lonely Hunter (feat. David Byrne) (Louie Vega Remix)
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band – Yamona (Detroit Swindle Remix)

Deep House Summer Mix 2020


Oscar P – Dirty Talk (Norty Cotto DJ Tool)
Vincent Kwok – Afrique Three (Dub)
Musaria (feat. Saturna) – Moment (Atjazz Re-Fix) Official Music Video
Coco ‘Cognac’ Brown – Smoke My Rhythm (Fred Everything & Trevor Walker Dub)
Elliot Hollins – Down with You
Da Lata – Oba Lata (Manoo Remix)
Paso Doble, Jim MasterShine, Idd Aziz – Tishiki (Manoo Remix)
Megablast – Vamos feat. Eribertho Cruz (Pulsinger & Irl Dub) MIDH 009
TGoddard – Find Me (Session Victim Remix)
Filippos feat. Idd Aziz – Kairetu
Sio – Native Language (Fred Everything Lazy Soul Mix)

Essential Seasons Sessions July 2020 – Mid Summer Tempo


Peak of the Summer is here! Blazing sun along with an up tempo BPM is always good in moderate doses.

Chris Essentials

Cobra – Martin Iveson
Ohh Man – Paul Rudder & Hurlee
Never Ending (JR Remix) – Paul Rudder
IwannagoBANG – Tomahawk Bang
Mysterious (Fred Everything Lazy Dub) – Knee Deep
Just Another Day (Fred Everything’s Just Another Day Dub) – Atjazz
I Still Love You – Long Island Sound
Moments – Saison
This Situation – Shur-I-Kan
You Found a Way (Fred Everything Remix) – Tortured Soul

Essential Seasons Sessions August 2020 – Dog Days of Summer


Summer always brings excellent music and vibes. Grateful for all the producers out there constantly laying down new tracks. Catch a hot and humid sunset as our spaceship is slowly tilting away from the sun.

Chris Essentials

Glue (feat. Segilola) – Paul Rudder
Yearning (Fred Everything Remix) – Offshore and Coen
Tornado (Fred Everything Remix) – Marcel Elliott
Draw Me – Nelson Of The East
The Feeling (feat. Tamara Chetty)- Offshore and Coen
Glue (feat. Segilola) [Jullian Gomes Remix] – Paul Rudder
The Rainbow Song (Crackazat Rework) – Art of Tones
The Signal (Jullian Gomes Remix) – Lazarusman
Moon In Daylight – Osunlade

Fall Laissez-fair


Saturday Night Patio Party

Journey Unknown – Fuga Ronto
Do It to the Max 100 – 6th Borough Project
Same Old Sound – Fred Everything & Hot Toddy
The Return of Starlight – Woolfy Vs. Projections
Last Dance (Single Edit) – Woolfy Vs. Projections
Neon Life (Lexx & Kejeblos Edit
Are You Lonely? (The Revenge Redub) – Hipnotic
Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix)- Crazy P & Hot Toddy
Living for the City (The Reflex Version) – Stevie Wonder
Messages from the Stars – The Rah Band
West End Girls (Woolfy Vs. Projections Remix – Pet Shop Boys
Spacer Woman (Original Mix) – Charlie
Un Dimanche Apres-Midi – Fred Everything
Serious (Extended House Mix) – Duran Duran
Holy Dance Mix (Large Sound Mix)- Agua Re
Next to You – Franc Spangler
Allow Me – Crazy P
Cruel Summer – Woolfy Vs. Projections
This Space – Woolfy Vs. Projections
Street Dancing – Sweatson Klanc
Give Me Everything – Turning Tides & Woolfy

Chris Essentials

Essential Seasons Sessions September 2020 – Crisp Skies


Sunny warm afternoons with crisp blue skies deserves a chill session on an outdoor patio celebrating the change of seasons in the air.

Thanks to all the amazing artists who create such smooth vibes.

Chris Essentials

It’s My Time – Atjazz & Jullian Gomes
Putting It My Way – Austin Ato – Ella
Truth – Fred Everything
True – Fred Everything
Don Esquire – Atjazz & Jullian Gomes
I Need You (Soulphiction Remix)- Kemback
Koniokola (Fred Everything Remix / Bootleg Edit 4 Trevor) – Art Of Tones
The Right Place (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix) – The Blak Beatniks
The Long Goodbye (Saison’s Model 1 Remix) – Crispin J Glover
Tonight (Fred Everything Lazy Dub) – Miguel Migs
Moments – Saison
Someone Like You – Fred Everything
Elephants – Art Of Tones
Mercyless (AtJazz Unreleased Astro Remix) – Fred Everything

Essential Seasons Sessions October 2020 – Nu Disco


Fall weather and good times is here. Nu Disco October Mix is out early. Moving to a different city like so many others right now. Find those old rollers skates and get to grooving already!

Chris Essentials

Scrap The Book (Original Mix) – Crazy P
In The Genes (Original Mix) – Hot Toddy
Disrespect (Ron Basejam Remix)- Crowdpleaser
Stop Space Return – Crazy P
Slow Motion Cowboy (2017 Remaster) – IPG, Hot Toddy
SOS – Crazy P
Chupa Cabra (Fouk Remix) – Magic In Threes, Fouk
Like a Fool – Crazy P
Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Rework 1) – Atmosfear, The Revenge
Go To Work (Hot Toddy Remix) – J Boogie-s Dubtronic Science, The Pimps Of Joytime, Hot Toddy

Essential Seasons Sessions November 2020 – Expressing Gratitude


Back with another Essential Seasons Session for November. Lots to be thankful for this month and the next. Always thankful for the support and to all the artist out there making outstanding music.

Feel the flow and gratitude.

Chris Essentials


  1. Chords from space – Diamond
  2. Silver Light (feat. Jinadu) – Fred Everything
  3. Jazz Now (Death On The Balcony Remix) – Di Chiara Brother’s, Death On The Balcony
  4. A Second (Reelsoul Main Mix)
  5. Time Off (feat. Ammo Moses) [Fred Everything Lazy Vox] – Simbad
  6. Armageddon (Original Mix) – Mindlo
  7. Echoes in My Head – Jimpster
  8. Tomorrow People (Phaze Dee Remix) – Teflon Dons, Gregory Porter, Phaze Dee
  9. Thunder Dub – Art of Tones
  10. Secousse (Fred Everything Remix) – Art of Tones
  11. Remind Me feat. Seven Davis Jr – Black Loops, Nikoss
  12. Lazy Days (Official Audio) – Dwson
  13. Track Two – Shur-I-Kan
  14. Shuffling Words – Kassian
  15. Yearning (Fred Everything Remix) – Offshore and Coen
  16. IwannagoBANG – Tomahawk Bang
  17. Time Off (Smbd Soul Caring Dub) – Simbad
  18. H O M E – Tomahawk Bang

B-RAD Birthday Party Mix. Lots of 1980s new wave with 1970s disco and nu-disco.


Lots of 1980s new wave with 1970s disco and nu-disco.

Chris Essentials


  1. One True Light – Crazy P
  2. And Listen (Original Mix) – DJ OMC
  3. I Like To Party (Original Mix) – Disko Junkie
  4. Less Is More (Original Mix) – Choices
  5. Stevie Wonder Living for the City The Reflex Version Edit – DJ WhiteCoast
  6. Keep You Down – Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan
  7. Missing You (Original Mix) – J.B. Boogie
  8. Hear My Song – Crazy P
  9. Dancin – Frank Fonema, Ciskoted
  10. Jezebel – Moodena
  11. 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub) – Gregory Porter, Opolopo
  12. Dance, Dance (Original Mix) – Martem, Maoree
  13. Back 2 Life (Jerry Ropero Classic Disco Mix) – Jerry Ropero
  14. Bebop (Dafunkeetomato Remix) – Charles Feelgood & Felipe Avelar, Charles Feelgood, Felipe Avelar, Dafunkeetomato
  15. Too Hot (Original Mix) – DJ Aiblo
  16. Moves at Midnight – Ian Ossia
  17. Franc Spangler
  18. Wicked (Sirs Cut) – SIRS
  19. Electro Material – Rayko
  20. Woolfy-Vs-Projections-West-End-Girls – Woolfy-vs-Projections
  21. Everything She Wants (Dr Packer Remix) – Kelvin Sylvester, Lee Wilson, Dr Packer
  22. The Hit – Crazy P, The Syndromes
  23. Sour Times – J.B. Boogie
  24. Show Me Love (Joeblack’s 2020 Extended Boogie Remix) – Joeblack, Robin S
  25. Making Me High – Alexny
  26. The Billy Of Queens (Vocal Mix) – Ladies On Mars
  27. Shake (Your Body) (Hot Toddy Extended Remix) – Sidwho?, Hot Toddy
  28. Meet Me on the Corner (Crazy P Remix) – Honeyfeet, Crazy P

Essential Seasons Sessions December 2020 – Charging Hard into the New Year


December 2020…..did we all think we would make this far? Let’s end this interesting year with love and feel good vibes. Odd years have always been the best for me so far. Looking forward to 2021 and beyond. Thanks to all the amazing artist out there pumping out great music to get us all through the ebbs and flows of life.

Chris Essentials


  1. The End Of It All (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Original Mix) – DJ Spen, Monique Bingham, Roland Clark, Reelsoul
  2. In Degrees (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Foals, Purple Disco Machine
  3. Rose rouge (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix) – St Germain, Atjazz
  4. 2% Milk (Original Mix) – Zito Mowa
  5. There’s Always The Sun (Extended Mix) – Sebb Junior
  6. I Know (Original Mix) – Synare
  7. Bright Side (Paul Rudder Remix) – Marc Brauner, Paul Rudder
  8. Hayden’s Dance – Fred Everything & Atjazz
  9. Moments – Falden
  10. Into the Surf (Hot Since 82 Remix) – Foals, Hot Since 82
  11. Invisible Escalator – Mr Beatnick
  12. Asteroid Belt – Pedro Sanmartin
  13. Feel (Doza’s Remix) – Fred Everything, Peter Christianson, Dave Aju, Doza
  14. Parkour! – Manuel Darquart
  15. Give It All (Lxury Remix) – Foals, Lxury
  16. Things To Tell You (Original Mix) – Paul Rudder
  17. We Are One (feat. Bobby Pruitt) [Jazz-N-Groove Hands Up Vocal] – Urban Blues Project
  18. Audio Trip – Dreamatic

Essential Seasons Sessions House Mix Part Deux! -December 2020


December 2020 Part Deux! So many good songs out right now two sessions were needed for the month of December. Moody mix encompasing deep house, house, electronica and progressive house. Lots of ups and downs.

Chris Essentials

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All songs used have been purchased with a minimum of 320kbps audio quality.
Mixed and Mastered with #PioneerXDJRX2#MarantzAmplifiers#LogicProX#NumarkEQs.


  1. Intro (Original Mix)- Kaygo Soul
  2. Grey Skies – Crimsen, Feyln, Oliver Wickham
  3. Omnibus – Henrik Schwarz
  4. Be Strong – Hot Since 82, Rudimental
  5. One Day (84Bit Remix) – Saison, 84Bit
  6. When You Were Down (Extended Mix) – Ludo Lacoste
  7. More of You (Booker T Afro House Vocal Mix) – Emeli Sandé, Booker T
  8. Takin Over (2020 Rework) – Quivver
  9. Innadadance (feat. Suli Breaks & Jazzie B) – Faithless, Suli Breaks, Jazzie B
  10. Need You (Soledrifter Remix) – Discosteps, Soledrifter
  11. Early in the Morning – Dean Zepherin
  12. Naboo – Hot Since 82, Miss Kittin
  13. Resurrect My Feelings (Original Mix)- Zepherin Saint
  14. Healer – Marsh
  15. Dark City (Atjazz Remix)- Rashid Ajami
  16. Like a Version (Version Dub)- Florian Kruse, Nils Nuernberg & Frederic Blais
  17. Winter Tones – Fred Everything
  18. WAIT(Zepherin Saint Remix)- Wipe The Needle, Alex Lattimore, Zepherin Saint

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Super grateful to have the opportunity to mix amazing music. I always try to credit every artist and track used in these mixes. Please contact me if credits are incorrect in anyway. All music has been legally purchased to support the respective artists.

Thanks for listening!

Hommage À Berlin!


Hommage À Berlin!

Berlin has a Deep House sound all to its own that has to be appreciated regardless of the preferred electronic music genre. This set was put together on a cold cloudy afternoon post Holiday. Perfect inspiration to sit down in the studio and enjoy the amazing world of music out there.

Mixed at 122 BPM, enjoy the fantastic poly synths and tight tight bass hits. Find out what your mid range and tweeter speakers are made of.

Chris Essentials

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All songs used have been purchased with a minimum of 320kbps audio quality.
Mixed and Mastered with #PioneerXDJRX2#MarantzAmplifiers#LogicProX#NumarkEQs.


  1. 9 Years – Roman Flügel
  2. 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix)- Roman Flügel, DJ Koze
  3. Juke City – Roman Flügel
  4. Juno feat. Ishmael – Medlar, Ishmael
  5. Zmorge mit Pascal (Roman Flügel Remix)- Skiclub Toggenburg, Roman Fluegel
  6. Parade D’Amour – Roman Flügel
  7. Deo (Original Mix) – Roman Flügel
  8. Syncbeat – Music (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
  9. Wood & Neon – Roman Flügel
  10. End of the Trail (Roman Flügel Remix)- Shit Robot, Roman Flügel
  11. All One Machine – Medlar
  12. We Like To Party – Michael Mayer, Roman Flügel
  13. Family Vacation – Roman Flügel
  14. Paloma – Medlar
  15. Puzzled – Ian Pooley
  16. Draw Me – Nelson Of The East
  17. Phase Lines – Nelson Of The East
  18. Spring Dom (Medlar Remix) – BRS, Medlar
  19. Human Patterns (Roman Flügel Remix) – Beanfield, Roman Flügel
  20. Make It Happen – Roman Flügel


Super grateful to have the opportunity to mix amazing music. I always try to credit every artist and track used in these mixes. Please contact me if credits are incorrect in anyway. All music has been legally purchased to support the respective artists.

Thanks for listening!

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