Chris Essentials DJ and Photographer
Chris Essentials DJ and Photographer

Bonjour! I am Chris Essentials

House Music Dj and property photographer

Hello! I’m Chris Catalano, a creator, technical writer, engineer and athlete. In the past couple years I have successfully started many side hustles utilizing my business plan template, Ready made WordPress websites and helped many family and friends land new careers through my resume templates. My goal is to help others make a living from their dreams and ideals.

This website shows my lessons learned in creating the best WordPress Websites, Resumes and Business Plans Templates possible. All while sharing with others so YOU can reap the rewards!

Work smarter not harder!

Each template I have created was inspired by a personal challenge and not finding an available solution. My templates are designed to save time, frustration and wasted efforts.

Ready made websites to make life easier that are intuitive for both the end user and owner to edit. Full set of step-by-step instructional videos included to modify content, layout, colors, SEO optimization with copywriting coaching. Domain name registration and hosting setup is included! No need to learn code or in the inner details of WordPress.

We all know time is money, so save on both by purchasing a Resume Template Package that has initiated several interviews across multiple job markets.

Pull your chaotic thoughts together and know 100% whether you have a viable business idea on a business plan template.

Hommage à Berlin! Deep House Mix

Hommage À Berlin! Deep House Mix Posted

Hommage À Berlin! Deep House Mix Posted
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bulletin board, stickies, post-it

Losing your job and standing at a fork in the road…..

If you have or are personally going through a job loss due to recent events, this is a great time for reflection and renewal.
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Chris Essentials DJ Performances

I do on occasion accept new clients who desire a website fully built from start to finish instead of following the DIY YouTube tutorial videos. Please contact me to further discuss your website desires and we will find a SOLUTION.


Christopher Catalano